A Gift From Upstairs for Protection & Prosperity — ABIE


Greetings Upstarians,

With how well Upstairs’ merger events are going, it seemed only befitting to release an auspicious mythological beast, the Abie. An Abie communicates with us and is able to understand the emotions of all living beings and knows the affairs of ghosts and gods alike. Abies have other unique powers which is why the virtuous king keeps it as a close hunting companion instead of actually hunting it. Abies are able to ward off all evil known to man and are able to look into the future. Upstairs would like to give our users holding an “ANGEL RIDER” from the second merge with an Abie as well for protection, prosperity and for our community to glimpse into the glittering future.

Details with regards to being gifted an Abie are as follows:

  1. Users must hold an ANGEL RIDER during the snapshot



Upstairs in a Nutshell

Upstairs is Asia’s first custodial NFT Marketplace that truly bridges Web3.0 technologies to Web2.0 domains, reducing blockchain complexities and allowing all users with or without Web3.0 knowledge or cryptocurrency wallets to access NFTs and earn rewards from it. Our earliest users will reap the most benefits so come aboard and start earning rewards!

We intend to update the broader community with exciting events and new collection releases on a regular basis.

Stay tuned and follow Upstairs on all available social and interactive channels to stay updated with our latest developments on the platform.

Till then 🖐️,

The Upstairs Team

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